How To Apply Polygel? FAQs + Video

TastyNails® recommends 2 methods for applying Polygel to your nails. They are both written and visually explained below. In short, this is the application process:

1. Nail preparation (push cuticles back & make sure nails are clean).

2. Apply the base coat directly onto your clean nail.

3. Choose the perfect size dual form for your nail.

4. Apply the Polygel, place on nail + cure for 60 seconds with the Mini UV Lamp.

5. File to the preferred shape.

6. Apply top coat.

1. TastyNails method (quicker but more advanced)

This method presents the TastyNails® developed pattern of application of Polygel, directly onto the nail and pressing the dual form on to shape to perfection.

2. Original method (slow but easier to get right)

This is the original application method where you apply the Polygel onto a dual form, and shape on the dualform before applying on to the nail. This is easier for beginners and allows more room for error + correction.

Thank you so much for supporting TastyNails® and have fun creating endless nail designs.


How can I remove Polygel?

There are 2 methods to remove TastyNails® Polygel;

1. Slower but can be done at home with no equipment - Simply soak your nails in warm soapy water with some olive oil added in for 15-20 minutes, the polygel nails will be able to be pulled off after this. Clean after with rubbing alcohol wipes

2. Faster method - Easily remove the nails in just 5 minutes using our Tasty Nails Polygel Remover Kit

Do I need a UV / LED lamp for my Polygel nails?

While it may not be 100% necessary, we strongly recommend using our Mini UV lamp to help cure the nails and achieve the overall best results. 60 seconds per nail is enough.

Should I use Top & Base coat

Again, in order to achieve the best results, and to protect the nail as well as make it last longer, we recommend using base coat for nail prep and top coat for nail protection.

Does water affect the nails? 

In short, if you used base & top coat, and you have done correct nail prep, water will not damage your nails whatsoever. However, we do recommend staying away from really hot water directly on the nails for long periods of time.

Washing the dishes should be fine though!

How much time does it really take?

This totally depends on the amount of experience you have with Polygel. Whilst it's a fairly steep learning curve, once you have a couple goes under your belt, both hands can be done within 15-20 minutes!

How many nails can 1 tube of Polygel do?

Based on our customers results and our own findings, we estimate you can do both sets of nails up to 4 times with 1 tube of Polygel. 

Do I need to file the nails?

It's very rare to get the perfect shape straight from the dual form, so we recommend having a little file to get the shape that you desire.

How long do they last?

With correct nail prep, base & top coat and good care, they will last 2-3 weeks or even longer!

Do they damage the natural nails?

Whilst doing your Polygel nails, you may need to file your natural nails for better adhesion. Other than that, the base coat will protect your nail from any damage. 

EXTRA: Our TastyNails® Polygel has 0 harmful chemicals, so your natural nails will be good as new once you take your Polygel off.